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Framed Robert Duff Wall Art

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Framed Baskets of Nantucket
Baskets of Nantucket
by Robert Duff
10" x 9" Frame
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A native of South Eastern Massachusetts, Robert Duff grew up at the head of Herman Melville's Acushnet River. His childhood life was quite ideal with long summer days spent skating on local ponds or playing along the shores of the river. These experiences left Duff with a deep appreciation for all the beauty that was offered by New England. His interest in art was ignited when he visited the New Bedford Whaling Museum's collection and saw an exhibit of Hudson River School paintings. He saw huge canvases of river and mountain vistas that captured evening light or early morning air that took his breadth away. Since then, his life was changed. Studying all that he could see and reading all that he could find, he’s spent the last 3 decades developing his way of capturing the beauty around us. Duff says that for the 19th century artists to have so much natural beauty around them, it must have been so wonderful for them; harbors with forests of masts, horizons broken by large sailing ships, and more. He’s pleased to be living in an area where one can still find a historic old schooner or a beautiful countryside. Duff presently lives moments away from Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, and he’s indulging himself with large doses of coastal scenery. He enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, New England farms, still lifes, schooners and classic sailboats in New England waters, a Great Blue Heron in a saltmarsh or a rose covered cottage in Nantucket. All these have made framed Robert Duff art to be much sought after by many collectors worldwide.
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