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Albert Dreher Art

Albert Dreher learnt from an early age that success was not handed in a silver platter. Even though he had strong passion for the arts, he knew that he had to work extra hard if he ever wanted to be a professional artist. He was lucky to have a supportive art teacher in high school - Meritt Hutton High School, Thornton, Colorado. The teacher supported and encouraged him in every step he undertook. He later enrolled in the Colorado Institute of Art. When he got married, his wife had to work two jobs while he worked in a psychiatric hospital in graveyard shift to support his family and to get him through art school. His dream was to become the best graphics designer in the country. However, just after receiving his first associates’ degree in advertising design in 1969, he was drafted into military service in the United States Army and his art career was unfortunately put on hold for some time. He trained as a military policeman and was deployed at Fort Polk in Louisiana where he was assigned to the 551st Military Police Company. Dreher was in charge of escorting military prisoners. One day, while on duty, his best friend and partner was shot dead as he was riding next to him. He recalls that this was the worst experience of his life and it affected him deeply and led him even deeper into his quest to create and succeed. Upon his discharge from military service, he immediately returned to Denver and re-entered in the Colorado Institute of Art and resumed his studies, and later became a full time artist. Today framed Albert Dreher art are a true reflection of his dedication.
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