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Elizabeth Downing Art

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Elizabeth Downing has had much success in art; she’s known to be open to learning new techniques and methods. Elizabeth is an award-winning graphic designer who has a good life and enjoys every bit of it. She’s living a life that’s full of gratitude, determination and exploration. Today, her art is availed in a variety of finishing options in many art stores around the world, and they are also available online. The framed Elizabeth Downing art are highly priced by many collectors because they are attractive and are made of durable materials. Elizabeth is a co-founder of “Poems Art Publishing” and she has worked primarily in the textile and fine art worlds for the past 3 decades. Her art is highly sought after because they can be used to decorate any space and any room. Elizabeth believes in the impact of art on society and this belief has led her to work with multiple programs advocating art for youth. She has many fans who truly adore her big and bold brush strokes and bright and vivid colors. Her images look quite real and are treated in animated manner in terms of color and the brushwork. The artist’s work is unique and is easily recognizable among the works of other artists. Whether overseeing product/creative development for a variety of designing carpets, applications, assembling materials for digital/mixed media collages, or learning new computer technology, she continues to enjoy all forms of visual art. Elizabeth believes that painting is an unselfish endeavor adding that a day of successful painting is the best of all the days.
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