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Helen Downing-Hunter Art

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Helen Downing Hunter lives on BC's Sunshine Coast in Hopkin's Landing, dividing her time between her family, tennis, gardening, golf and art. Her father died when she was only one month old. When the Second World War ended, Helen moved with her mother to Fredericton, New Brunswick. She’s a self taught watercolor artist with indisputable talent. Her stunning art will uplift the viewer with its bright colors and intricate detail. Many of her paintings depict the coast of British Columbia where she lives. Though it is in Canada that she has spent the rest of her life, her parents’ young love, and the images and spirit of her homeland, remain very much alive in her paintings, prints, posters and art. Helen’s paintings, prints, posters and art, a gentle mixture of fine detail and vibrant colors, capture the feelings and images of time both imagined and. Remembered. Why she tries to create from imagination, photographs and memories is a sense of coziness. She says that it’s a world without complication, an inviting, comfortable world that draws people in - The perfect place to relax. She began painting in her mid 30's while she was living in the Rocky Mountain region of British Columbia. Helen was beleaguered by the visual beauty of what she saw. She began in oils, but now paints in acrylics and watercolors. Both mediums convey her attention to detail and love of color. She produces her art mainly as framed Helen Downing Hunter art, though other finishing options are also available.
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