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David DeVary Art

Many have described artist David DeVary as a “New West” artist. His father who is also his hero was an uneducated sheet-metal worker. His father had low self-esteem and he never thought of himself being considered as a hero and didn’t want his son (DeVary) to think of him in that way. But he did and he still does. DeVary paints provocative, idealized and sometimes introspective figures, that capture and combine the good feelings associated with the American Dream and the Western myth. He uses the American West’s symbols to express universal themes and emotions, especially attitude. His use of antique chaps, yellow bright slickers, cowboy hats shielding the eyes, and the natural body language of cowboys helps create a unique, striking, almost wraithlike portrait of the American cowgirl and cowboy. DeVary is not painting history; he’s rather trying to capture the mythological American West the way people would like it to be or the way it could be. In the past fifteen to twenty years he’s had the privilege of having his work in some of the finest galleries, museums and homes from Paris to Santa Fe, from Chicago to Yountville. Framed David DeVary are found in many other places all over the world. Like the traditional western artist, DeVary is fascinated with the idealized, romanticized West. DeVary's formal education ended at high school level, but his work history set him on a career path that’s very successful. He started working in art before he graduated. In the 8th grade he took a job with a local advertising agency in the art department, doing design and layout. He moved to Chicago at the age of 19 and landed work at a publishing company where he was earning $95 a week.
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Framed My Buddy And Me
My Buddy And Me
by David DeVary
29" x 35"
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