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Andre Derain Wall Art

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Framed Man with a Calabash
Man with a Calabash
by Andre Derain
28" x 39"
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Andre Derain (1880 – 1954) was an artist, sculptor, and painter based in France. He was born in Chatou, Yvelines, just outside Paris. He began to study art on his own in 1895 and occasionally went to the countryside with Father Jacomin, an old friend of Cézanne's, along with his two sons. While Derain was studying to be an engineer at the Académie Camillo in 1898, he attended painting classes under the tutelage of Carrière Eugène, and that’s where he met Matisse, who was to become one of his best friends. Two years later he met and shared a studio with Maurice de Vlaminck and together with Matisse they began to paint the neighborhood scenes. However, this was interrupted when he joined military service at Commercy from 1901 to 1904. After his service at the military, Matisse persuaded his parents to allow him to abandon his engineering career and devote himself solely to painting. They agreed and Derain joined the Académie Julian. Derain became a founding member of Fauvism, and is known for his innovative cityscape and landscape paintings in which he transforms the subject with largely unrealistic but bold colors. Early in his career he worked closely with fellow Fauves Henri Matisse and Maurice de Vlaminck. His later works feature new subjects and more subtle tones, including still life and portraiture. From 27 October 2005 to 22 January 2006 his London paintings were the subject of a major exhibition at the Courtauld Institute. Derain died in a car crash in 1954 and left behind quite a number of pieces of artwork including ready to hang framed Andre Derain art.
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