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Framed Clematis Blooms I
Clematis Blooms I
by Pieter De Pannemaeker
26" x 32" Frame
Price: $318.99 
Sale: $159.49
Framed Clematis Blooms II
Clematis Blooms II
by Pieter De Pannemaeker
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $306.99 
Sale: $153.49
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2 Items
Belgium was among the leading centers for botanical publishing in the 19th century, and that’s when the botanical and landscape painter and Ghent printmaker, Pieter De Pannemaeker managed to produce more than 3,000 illustrations for periodicals and botanical books such as Flora of Greenhouses and Gardens of Europe and Lindenia. For his contributions to horticulture and botanical science, he received the Knight's Cross of the Order of Agricultural Merit from the French government in 1886. He was a prolific printmaker and watercolor artist who was very active in the 19th century – he was active in Ghent, Belgium and was counted among the best artists of his time. His family was actually composed of tapestry weavers from the Southern Netherlands, an equivalent to contemporary Belgium. In 1520, he commissioned the artist Bernard to make tapestry cartoons for his workshop. Most of the plants depicted in one of his publications titled "Flore des Serres" were availed for sale at the van Houtte's nursery. His art work brings together inherent compositions while at the same time revealing his remarkable powers of observation. He specialized in landscapes and botanicals and contributed to many publications and periodicals at a time when Belgium was the leading center for botanical publishing. His art has found its way into many galleries and art stores. In the physical stores, they are mainly sold as framed Pieter De Pannemaeker art. His art are also available in many leading online stores. De Pannemaeker was a celebrated weaver who created tapestries for European royalty.
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