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Judith D'agostino Art

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Framed Field of Light
Field of Light
by Judith D'agostino
25" x 31" Frame
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Judith D'agostino received a BFA with Honors in painting and an MFA shortly thereafter. She taught at the university level for many years retiring in 2001as Director of Education at the Tucson Museum of Art. She now lives in Santa Fe where she paints the landscape and people of the Southwest and New Mexico. The artist has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Her work is in several prestigious galleries and collections around the world. Judith was born in Rhode Island where he lived during her early childhood. She has lived in many places as a teen and adult, including Missouri, Hawaii, Germany, California, Arizona, Italy, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States. As she paints, she searches for the essential nature of reality. She believes that the artistic creation is the transformation of that reality. Then it becomes the external physical part of something beyond itself through the use of light, color and space. It becomes self-sustaining and spiritual. Such is the act of magic which always takes place in the development of any work of art. Judith came from a primarily non-objective and abstract background which led her to what she’s doing now. As a child she enjoyed drawing but fell in love with oil paint after her mother presented her with a gift of a set of oil paints when she was recuperating from an illness while living in Italy. She started working seriously with oil paint. The framed Judith D'agostino art today hang in most buildings in the U.S. and abroad.
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