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Fletcher Crossman Art

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Fletcher Crossman went to the University of Lancaster from where he received classical art training. He graduated from the University in 1987 and went into work immediately thereafter, focusing on illustration in London. Crossman worked with numerous companies, notably Tolkien Foundation and HarperCollins. He continued creating art, seeing his works rise in demand in the 1990's. Besides the high demand for his works, he also received critical approval from reputable critics, a development that saw him invited to exhibit his work at the Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. Crossman’s works were mainly sold within the U.K., but that would later change in 1999 after he participated in a cultural exchange in the U.S., an event that was organized by the Fulbright Commission. In fact, his artwork pieces found their way for the first time to the American market as a result of that exchange. Suddenly, Crossman became a widely sought after artist in the U.S., first as a teacher by the University of Idaho, secondly as a writer by the Artists and Graphic Designer's Market, and as an exhibitor. It also opened doors for him to start exhibiting his works in the U.S. at the annual New York ArtExpo. Crossman has grown to the extent that many galleries now display his works across several states in the U.S. After realizing such success in the U.S., Crossman decided to move to the U.S. together with his family. He sells his art through several channels. For those who would like to have art that’s ready to hang on the wall, there are framed Fletcher Crossman art prints that sold in galleries in the U.K., the U.S., and a host of other global locations.
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