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Tom Croft Art

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Framed Marilyn Monroe50% Off Art Prints
Marilyn Monroe
by Tom Croft
46" x 71"
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Tom Croft (Born in 1974) was born in Whyalla, South Australia. He works in diverse media, including charcoal, oil, watercolor, digital and acrylic. His styles vary from more abstract style to the photo realistic style. Croft comes from the Barngala clan and his art was influenced by his childhood experiences. He was classically trained under Roger Barcilon, the award winning artist of his time. He likes to express himself through his artwork. And given that he’s been an artist for several years, he can easily tell what his clients need and advise them accordingly. From his childhood he has always loved anything with an artistic flare. He says that art has given him a means through which he can communicate effectively to his viewers. Croft is currently based in Oxford where has worked as a professional illustrator and artist for more than 2 decades. He has an established client base across the United Kingdom, ranging from commercial work to private portrait commissions for leading companies and world renowned publishers including Vanity Fair, Manchester United FC, Bloomsbury Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Ferrari F1, Penguin, and Men's Health magazines. Framed Tom Croft art are very easy to recognize among the works of other artists because of their uniqueness and attractiveness. Croft is a member of a number of many professional artists’ associations. His art is found in many collections across the globe. They are not only meant for hanging on the wall, but they are also meant to inspire those who view them, especially the upcoming artists.
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