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Joe Cornish Art

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Framed Sandy Mouth
Sandy Mouth
by Joe Cornish
13" x 13" Frame
Price: $152.99 
Sale: $76.49
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Joe Cornish (Born 1958) is a freelance photographer from the South West of England. He was born and raised in Exeter, Devon. His earlier education and then he went to Reading University, where he studied Fine Art, and it was at the university that he discovered and concentrated on photography though the University didn’t like him doing that. Cornish had never touched a camera before he joined the university. After graduating, he then worked as an assistant photographer for two years in Washington DC and then at the same capacity in London for another one year. Today, Cornish concentrates on landscape photography, most of which he sets himself to do for his own publishing company. But he also does commissioned work, mainly for environmental agencies such as the National Trust. Those are the sort of clients he prefers to work for. Cornish has photographed the North Yorkshire landscape for more than 2 decades, while at the same time, he continues to photograph around the British Isles and abroad. Amateur Photographer honored him in 2006 with their Power of Photography award, and just two years later, the Royal Photographic Society made him an honorary Fellow. Cornish also runs photographic workshops and his main motivation for doing this isn’t money. He does it for the sense of fulfillment and doesn’t really regard it as teaching. His engagement in various arts activities has made his art to have much exposure, especially the framed Joe Cornish art. His art can be used to decorate any space and that’s why they are in great demand.
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