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Michelle Collins is a Sheffield-based Illustrator and Designer who creates beautiful pieces which are digitally-painted. She studied Art and Design at Art College and upon completing her studies, she proceed to study at Derby University where she specialized in Graphic Design. She’s a digital artist, designer and illustrator everyone needs to know about. Combining a lifelong love of art with skill she had learned as a Graphic Designer lead to her natural progression to paint digitally. The depth of color in Rothko Mark’s paintings is a constant source of inspiration to her. While in college, she was inspired by an extremely compassionate and encouraging team of tutors, who introduced her to the works of artists such as Maggi Hambling and Jenny Saville. This background in Design is what shaped her love for the minimalist and geometric aesthetic. Michelle’s work explores different techniques and styles of digitally drawing and painting through experimentation with color, texture, shape and space. The artist merges this with the inspiration she draws from the latest home interior trends creating pieces of art that are both modern and fresh. Early in her career, she wanted to look at different ways of displaying and taking art, experimenting with new techniques and materials. She’s currently working on a one of a kind limited edition range in which she merges steel frames with abstract works of art to create one piece. Framed Michelle Collins art are very easy to recognize because of the unique design she uses to produce them.
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