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Diane Cochrane is a contemporary artist from America. She was born in the Midwest, but she decided to move to California in order to hone her artistic skills. Diane is self-taught who was influenced father who is a prominent artist in his own right. The artist has experimented with many different painting techniques including unique papers, texturizers, and other mixed media. Diane’s passion for the arts, especially still lifes, florals and botanicals are represented through her delicate color palette of muffled South-West earth tonalities. Her art has been exhibited throughout the US in many one-person shows and also in group shows. Currently, she’s working and available for commission works. Diane is an artist who specializes in variety of genres and media, including oils on canvas, among others with examples of contemporary vases, florals, and still lifes, in which she uses subtle textures and warm earth tones. She has long been a part of the community of artists in California on the Mendocino Coast. For more than 2 decades she created concrete sculptures for gardens which can be seen in galleries, gardens and homes across the country. Diane’s own sculpture garden has been a very popular stop for many years on the North Coast. Among her teachers were Dawn Emerson, Marsha Connell, Mira White and Clark Mitchell. After working with sculptures for long, a time came for her to move on to other artistic endeavors and she began exploring working with pastels. Diane entered Art in the Redwoods in Gualala, in August 2016.
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