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John Clark Art

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John Clark (Born 1943 – Died 1989) was born in Yorkshire, England. The painter died of cancer in Lethbridge, Alberta, aged 46. His work as an artist was marked by learning and intelligence and was large in its search for meaning. He had an N.DD in Painting, a post-diploma in Printmaking and M.F.A. in Painting. His art has been collected worldwide. His public and private collections in Canada and abroad include: Cineplex Odeon Corporation, Toronto and Lethbridge; Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland; The Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Ontario; Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta; and Nova Corporation of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta. Clark’s art reminds the viewers that the action of an artist on the painting's surface can be an organic process similar to the action of natural forces. Framed John Clark art has been made very popular by the many exhibitions he attended. Some of his selected solo exhibitions include those at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Ed Gallery, Guelph, Ontario, Art Gallery of Windsor; Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick, and H.A.A. Galleries, Hull, England, etc. Clack’s drawings and paintings will remain as some of the finest produced in England during the last decade. His work is neither hindered by theoretical complications nor self-aggrandizing. Over the course of his career, Clark intelligently and patiently absorbed the lessons of the leading modern painters until he had formed a reciprocal and unique discourse with the world through art. What his artwork reveals is an increasingly poetic relationship between him and the larger realms of existence. Clack once said that his first and strongest influence was Cézanne and this is evident in his paintings.
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