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Christian Choisy Art

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Artist Christian Choisy (Born in 1948) was born in Bordeaux. He lived and worked for many years in his studio called Montesquieu space in La Brede. While in the southwest of France, he held numerous exhibitions of his posters, art, and prints, particularly in the Aquitaine region, and also in Portugal and Switzerland. Currently, this is where the majority of his posters, prints and art are produced. In 1999 he opened a new studio in Honfleur, which is managed by his daughter. The qualities that typify the work of Choisy include gentle colors applied as monochromes or by combining warm tones of green and grey in perfect balance; transparent surfaces; and unique spatial depth. Choisy uses a human approach to his art and goes into the most intimate detail of the subjects: nudes with sensual luxurious bodies, the face of a blue-eyed woman or a broken heart. His works continue to fascinate many collectors, more so because they are design-oriented with monochrome colors and style, and without any simple artistic restraints. Choisy complicates life in order to make it simple because he believes it is so easier to make it complicated than to make it simple. This is what determines his art and summarizes his overall style, posters and prints. In this way, he creates pictures in which the figurative and the abstract harmonize very well with one another. This has made his art to be very attractive, especially the framed Christian Choisy art which can be seen in many collections around the world.
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