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Agnes Cecile Art

Agnes Cecile (Born in 1991) was born in Rome, Italy. She’s also known as Silvia Pelissero. She has made great leaps in her career over the years. She has been creating stunning, shimmering watercolor portraits that she outlines in white ink using her own unique technique. She loved art since her childhood and used to admire the works of other artists and even read their history and art books. The qualities that typify her work include carefully textured surfaces with gentle colors applied singly or in combination to bring a perfect balance. Agnes attended an art high school in Rome, and since she completed her studies there she has continued as a self-taught artist. She’s known for her gorgeous, layered watercolor work. The artist uses a human approach to her art and goes into the most intimate detail of her subjects. Her style has made her art to be very popular with many art enthusiasts. She has attended numerous art shows and exhibitions where her art has received positive reviews from art critics. The positive reviews are the forces behind her success. Her works, including the framed Agnes Cecile art, continue to fascinate many collectors, more so because they are design-oriented with indistinct colors and style, and without any simple artistic restraints. Agnes has developed a technique that makes her art to be easily recognizable among the works of other artists. This technique is fragile, responsive and exceptionally her own. This has made his art to be very attractive and hence much sought after.
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