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Jesse Canales Wall Art

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Framed Abstraction
by Jesse Canales
10" x 10" Print
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Jesse Canales is a professional photographer based in California. A native of San Antonio Texas, his family relocated to California when he was only two years old. Canales went on to study Biology in Northern California. It was during the course of his studies that he discovered and developed his skill for black-and-white nature photography. He has taken a number of classes and workshops which helped him hone his skill, but he’s basically a self taught photographer. His love of photography can be traced to his childhood when he used to admire the works of the professional artists of that time. He also used to study photography books. He knew that one day he would become a professional photographer. His primary influencers are Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Edward Steichen, Edward Weston, as well as Imogen Cunningham and Minor White. He has been included in a number of solo and group shows in Los Angeles as well as in San Diego, where he currently lives. He had his first solo show in January, 2004 which has been followed by numerous other shows. In all the shows he has participated in, his art has been received warmly and has also received positive reviews from critics. Canales is open to criticism as he believes this is the best way he can learn and improve his work. He produces high quality photographs and framed Jesse Canales art can be seen in many galleries around the world. They can also be seen hanging on the walls of many private homes and institutions.
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