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Framed Betsy Cameron Wall Art

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Betsy Cameron is a photographer and a photograph painter who's known for her beautiful view of children. She's greatly known for her 1987 "Two Children" poster, which depicts two children seated, facing the sea, a poster that at some point became the world's best-seller. Betsy’s creative pieces reflect how people would love to see children thus appealing to both the young and old. Her images have been widely used by companies and product manufacturers to decorate a variety of products and have appeared on magazines, calendars, portfolios, and cards. Without a doubt, her children images are nostalgic and reflective of the ideal childhood experiences that everyone cherishes and would wish for their own. Betsy has chosen quite a simple approach to her art making, mainly creating images of children and landscapes. Starting off her career, Betsy went into the fashion industry, working with a New York City-based modeling agency called Ford Model Agency. Her modeling career became quite successful, seeing her appear on several fashion magazine covers and working with reputable photography artists. She then tried her hand at photography by capturing some two models. These photographs trended and appeared in Life magazine, inspiring her further to continue with her photography works. In 1980, Betsy was assigned by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to cover 300 refugee children in Cambodia who had been separated from their families as a result of war. This experience sparked in her a different view of life. Her photographs were widely distributed to help reunite the children with their families. The efforts helped reunite up to 200 children with their families. Betsy continues to create art and has worked with numerous high profile clients such as Dunkin' Donuts, Juicy Juice, Radio City Music Hall, and Buffering. Her works can be found in galleries and respected collections. Many art dealerships and galleries sell fully finished framed Betsy Cameron art, although they are also found in several other finishing options.
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