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Mia Cameron Art

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Mia Cameron was born in Capri to a Scottish father and an Italian mother. Her pleasant early childhood was spent in a vibrant sunlit world of warm seas and blue skies. Mia loved art from a young age and her loving parents made things easier for her. She knew from that early age that she would one day become a professional artist – that was her dream. In 1990 at the age of ten, Mia moved with her family back to Scotland. Where there was a very different side of coastal life, and she says this was the one which she fell in love with. Mia is an audacious young artist with a highly identifiable and distinctive style. Her unique style makes her art to be easily identifiable as they stand out. Her gorgeous hand-made original mixed media compositions offer a restrained examination of the light. Her attention to small details contrasts with the empty skies to create both a sense of place and a sense of space in her work. She employs materials which best interpret each of her ideas. Mia chooses the best material for each project that she has at hand, and that’s what has made framed Mia Cameron art to be attractive. She sees beauty in the textures, light and pattern of the shore; and these are the qualities that are so expertly captured within her attention-grabbing images. Her artwork has been exhibited across Europe and the UK and in numerous private collections. They are in great demand and are therefore have a high price tag.
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