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Robert Burridge Art

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Robert Burridge (Born 1943) was born in a small farm community near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He spent his childhood with both parents and 4 brothers. Burridge was the middle child. His farm chores consisted of the usual daily stuff for kids: ride the two pigs, feed the 500 chickens, pick the corn, pet the cows, dig the potatoes, put on magic shows and plant the garden. He also taught himself "entertainment skills" - magic, juggling, circus acrobatics, ventriloquism, and trapeze show-off stuff. He also performed one-man circus shows inside their huge wood barn. By the 6th grade, he entered his first art competition with a poster titled "Hire the Handicapped." He won a cash prize and a certificate. He started off as industrial designer but in 1985 he became a full time fine art painter, and moved to Central Coast, California and prepared to paint the rest of his life. Today, his original paintings can be seen on Starbucks Coffee mugs, in 6 international galleries, on Pearl Vodka bottles, 8 tapestries and on fine art edition prints in fashionable retail stores and cruise ships. His art has received lifetime honors, including the Philadelphia Watercolor Society’s Crest Medal Award and The Franklin Mint Award. The former was previously awarded to John Singer Sargent, Pablo Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe. Besides painting, he’s an invited juror for international art shows. He’s also a college and national painting workshop instructor, and teaches a fine art mentor program in central France. He produces his art in a variety of finishing options, among them are the framed Robert Burridge art.
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