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Framed Splattered Moons
Splattered Moons
by Amaya Bucheli
25" x 31" Frame
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Price: $259.19 
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1 Item
Amaya Bucheli in an experienced artist who is able to produce art that viewers can easily associate with – she loved art from her childhood and her dream had always to become a professional artist. Her art is very much influenced by nature and she produces them in a manner that appeals to viewers from all walks of life. That explains why framed Amaya Bucheli art sell in large numbers. There's more to her art than just meditative color exercises or decorative pieces. Amaya shows us a form of urdrama in which physically powerful forces meet. She’s a teenage artist who is ready to conquer the world, and in her art worlds are undergoing regeneration in the next moment. Her art is very much influenced by nature and she produces them in a manner that appeals to all viewers. Her arts can, therefore, be used to decorate and space. Her pieces have found their way into many galleries and homes all over the world. Amaya is very keen to detail and this has earned her a lot of respect from her fellow artists even from artists who are more experienced than her. She’s also open to learning and likes to associate herself with other artists and to read art books. She’s passionate about creating and sharing her art through many types of media and through YouTube channel. She loves the painting process and the challenge and the results which in most cases are abstract unexpected. Her art collections can be found on licensed products including gift items and home décor.
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