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Jules Breton Art

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Jules Breton (1827 - 1906) was born in Courrières where he spent his youth. Courrières was a rural region in the north western part of France. Breton’s father worked for a landowner whose land he supervised. When Breton was 4, him mother died, so he was brought up by his father. Others in the family included his maternal grandmother and his uncle Boniface Breton. They had a deep influence on the young Breton’s upbringing, and instilled in him a sense of love of the land, a respect for tradition, and especially, for his native region, which remained the root of his art throughout his whole life providing him with many scenes for his Salon compositions. All those who surrounded him noticed him talent and encouraged and supported him. He joined the College St. Bertin near St. Omer, where he obtained his first artistic training. Later he met Félix de Vigne who got impressed by his talent and persuaded his family to let him study art. Just a year later, Breton left for Belgium to study art. After his studies, Breton traveled to Antwerp where he took art lessons with artists such as Baron Wappers Gustaf. Breton was well aware of many artistic tendencies including the role of genre painting because he was trained as an academic artist. In 1847, the artist finally left Antwerp and headed to Paris where he hoped to perfect his training in art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He produced wonderful pieces of art in a variety of finishing options including framed Jules Breton art.
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