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David Brega Art

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Framed Apple Trio
Apple Trio
by David Brega
38" x 28" Frame
Price: $377.99 
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David Brega (Born in 1948) was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He resides on the South Shore of Boston where he has maintained a Studio for almost 40 years. Before devoting full time to artwork, he worked as an outdoor advertising designer in Las Vegas. Brega can never pass an antique store without entering. Turn-of-the century postcards, kitchen utensils, door latches, antique toys, antique wooden boxes, a child's arithmetic paper, faded photographs, are some of the things that attract him. His love for romantic, age-old mementoes is evident in the play of his trompe l'oeil compositions. Many consider Brega to be one of the best practitioners working in this genre today. This is a technique which mimics reality so cunningly that the viewer is fooled into thinking he is not looking at a painting but a real object. Influenced by the masters of the 19th-century such as John Frederick Peto, John Haberle and William Harnett, the artist has attained an impressive mastery of the luminosity and texture of things, but his paintings are steeped in the nostalgic and the antique. The objects he chooses offer him character and texture, especially when coupled with souvenirs from his own childhood, like his paintbrushes or his first grade report card. Brega attended the Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut and both the Los Angeles Trade Technical College in California and the San Francisco Art Institute. While he was at Paier College of Art he met Ken Davies who became the pivotal figure in his career. Today, framed David Brega art are a treasure to many discerning collectors.
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