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Framed Catherine Breer Wall Art

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Framed Kennebunkport Shacks
Kennebunkport Shacks
by Catherine Breer
18" x 18" Frame
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Price: $176.99 
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1 Item
Catherine Breer grew up in Seoul, Korea. She began painting as soon as she could hold a brush. She’s now a professional Marine artist whose mission is to provide people with great pieces of artwork. After attending Seoul Foreign School for 11 years, she returned to the US. Her works are presently found all over the world in several formats, including framed Catherine Breer art. During the course of her artistic work, she has met several leading artists who’ve helped her to improve her work. She has also visited several art galleries and museums, learning immensely from the works therein. Catherine has sold a number of her pieces to numerous companies and individuals. Her work was greatly influenced by the graphic forms and bold colors that can only be found in Korea. In early 2004, Catherine and Anne Darling founded Annie/Catherine which markets cards and calendars internationally. It was at the Free Port Public Library solo show that Catherine began showing her artwork in 2001. Since then, she has participated in several others, including the “Art in Bloom” exhibition that took place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Catherine holds a BA degree in Art History from Emory University. While at the university, she studied painting and illustration at the School of Fine Arts. And after graduation, she moved to Boston where she studied illustration and painting. Today, Catherine has numerous pieces of artwork to her name; and because of the high demand for her artwork, several art outlets stock them and are widely found in many art collections.
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