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Alicia Bock Art

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3 Items
Framed Bow
by Alicia Bock
21" x 21" Frame
Price: $193.99 
Framed Miami Bliss
Miami Bliss
by Alicia Bock
44" x 35" Frame
Price: $839.99 
Framed Ruffle
by Alicia Bock
25" x 25" Frame
Price: $243.99 
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3 Items
Alicia Bock’s photography is in search of shadows and light, and of pretty things in pink, the feeling of a blue moon and the ocean all inspire her work. She strives to create photographs that bring back memories of viewers’ favorite days. Alicia is a completely self-taught Fine Art photographer with a collection of her favorite nature and travel photographs that feature New York, Paris, Polaroid photography, Chicago, birds, beaches, Ferris wheels, horses, flowers, bicycles, and of course landscapes from Michigan, her lovely home state. She loves experimenting at her own pace, and being inspired by her children, as well as her own childhood memories of boxes of old Polaroids and her grandparents’ gardens. Alicia grew up in Florida and Michigan, where she was surrounded by color and water, and she’s still greatly influenced by those two environments. She’s known for producing high quality prints that can be used to decorate any space. Her choice of subject matter ensures that her art appeals to all people from all walks of life. Alicia believes that it is art that can bring people together as it is able to communicate to them better than any other medium. Alicia has been in the photography business for several years and has managed to attract a huge following of loyal clients all over the world. Her clients are always on the lookout for her new prints. Framed Alicia Bock art is in several collections and galleries, both corporate and private. As a lifestyle and fine art photographer, her work has featured in major movies, and TV shows.
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