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Arthur Bernard Art

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Arthur Bernard was born in Malines, Belgium. He has traveled a lot and has lived in France and the United States of America. He currently lives and works in Netherlands. He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts, Malines Belgium. With a style and an approach that are completely personal, Bernard is notable as an artist. His palette of colors, his fanaticism, his stroke of the brush and his dynamic nature all guarantee that his works of art affect the heart of people in a positive way. Bernard says that an artist should have the spontaneity of a child and the perfection of a surgeon. His paintings are not made in the front of the object; they are paintings of the memories. He says that it’s like someone would take a picture on a walk and continually get lost and then find the way again. The artistic elements that he consciously leaves open in his works often offer all his viewers the margin for captivating interpretations. He leaves the interpretation to the viewers. In addition, his paintings, most of which are landscapes or characters, are easily recognizable because of his unique style. It is therefore also not surprising that he has conquered a place within a large group of admirers of the contemporary art. He has been painting full time for over 20 years. This has made framed Arthur Bernard art to be found in almost all corners of the world. Bernard paints in acrylic and oil and the mixed media technique, using newspaper, collage charcoal, and more.
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