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Howard Berman Art

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Howard Berman is a professional photographer who has won numerous awards but is too modest to list them. He is a photographer with an undeniable love for people and a flair for visual arts. Berman had speech problem since childhood and at the age of 8, his speech therapist suggested a camera be bought for him as part of his therapy. That’s how he got his first camera, a Polaroid. From that young age, he was able to produce very beautiful images of his subjects because of his love of his camera and his passion for photography. His speaking abilities greatly improved over the decades, and eventually, he was able to convince people to pay him for his photographs. Berman spent many years in college but is basically self-taught in photography. After some success in selling his photographs, he decided to pursue photography as a career and soon his artworks were in great demand. Berman has a relaxed approach with his subjects. This is important for him because he knows it results in authentic photos that will last forever. He likes to shoot unique photos and his clients hire him with a goal in mind to acquire his original piece of artwork for their home that they know they will be able to cherish for a lifetime. His images invite the participation of the viewer as he strives to capture the true essence of ordinary objects and places. Berman holds a large portfolio within the stock photography industry. That’s why framed Howard Berman art are found in many collections and galleries throughout the world.
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