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Chris Bennett Art

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Chris Bennett (Born in 1957) was born in London. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in the early 80s under Phil Sutton, Geoffrey Camp and Euan Uglow. He has exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy Summer Show and at the Mall Galleries with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, London. His current works are to be seen in prestigious galleries around the UK. And framed the Chris Bennett art can be seen hanging on the walls of many building around the world. Bennett’s notable commission is a portrait he produce portraying Sir William Hawthorne. This portrait now forms part of the collection of Churchill College, Cambridge. Bennett paints a real world, a distillation of something half glimpsed or seen in real life, which he digests and later produces as a formal image. Bennett is painting an ideal, not an idea. Looking back at his own pictures, the artist recognizes the events that occur in them and remembers them taking place before him. He says this happens exactly in the same way one can remember the first meeting with people whom they come to love most dearly. His paintings are the outcome of giving an internal experience an external shape. What guides his paintings to their realizations is his aim of giving pictorial expression to these events. For him, there must always be the grain of sand in the oyster, a seed which symbolizes what is most important in his eyes and the eyes of the viewer, and that is alive and continues to live in oneself as the picture grows after being born.
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