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Stephane Belin Art

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3 Items
Framed Japan Rain
Japan Rain
by Stephane Belin
44" x 30" Frame
Price: $742.99 
Sale: $371.49
Framed Leaving the Fifties
Leaving the Fifties
by Stephane Belin
47" x 27" Frame
Price: $680.99 
Sale: $340.49
Framed Night City
Night City
by Stephane Belin
44" x 26" Frame
Price: $359.99 
Sale: $179.99
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3 Items
Stephane Belin (Born 1970) was born in France near Paris. He began his career as a freelance videogame designer in 1989, with no formal art training. Today, he’s one of the beat landscape artist in France. His outstanding digital landscapes reflect his work as an Art Director and a Concept Artist. In regards to the color scheme of his images, the artist has always preferred pictures with only one or two different main tones. He used to learn a lot in the field of colors by studying the work of an English fantasy illustrator, artist Rodney Matthews, and of course Walt Disney. For him, the color scheme of “The Jungle Book” is among best ever made. In a piece of art titled "Leaving the Fifties," Belin wanted something colder for the lifeless and sharp background and a sepia tone for the classic foreground. Belin is well aware that different colors produce different emotional responses from the viewer, and that no artist should underestimated a good color scheme. He takes his time to look at buildings in real life. He’s very keen to detail and says that this observation and decisive steps are essential before starting a picture. Before anything else, Belin tries to keep in mind basic rules of symmetry, weight, focal points and paths. He chooses the perfect aspect ratio of a picture, because he knows that a vertical or horizontal picture can lead to different visual or emotional results. His art is sold in a variety of finishing options – the most popular being the ready to hand framed Stephane Belin art.
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