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Shari Beaubien Art

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3 Items
Framed One Fine Day50% Off Art Prints
One Fine Day
by Shari Beaubien
19" x 23" Frame
Price: $216.99 
Sale: $86.80
Framed April Showers50% Off Art Prints
April Showers
by Shari Beaubien
19" x 19" Frame
Price: $199.99 
Sale: $80.00
Framed Reservations Required50% Off Art Prints
Reservations Required
by Shari Beaubien
23" x 19" Frame
Price: $215.99 
Sale: $86.40
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3 Items
Shari Beaubien is a self-taught artist who has invested an enormous amount of energy in her career and growth. She says that every lesson has been hers to both teach and learn, and that fills her with pride. Furthermore, she expects her evolution to continue as long as she’s lucky enough to walk this earth. But she can’t wait for that; in the meantime, her sketchbook always lies within arm's reach and her brushes are always wet, ready to record her latest ideas as they tumble forth. When she was still young and thumb-sucking was the in-thing, she insisted that hers was grape. She has been happily inventing the flavors of her world ever since. Truly, what could be better? Her studio and home are located within Los Angeles’ concrete jungle. While she yearns for more space and more nature one day, she’s grateful for all of the cultural opportunities that Los Angeles affords. When she arrived at the west coast, she joined the University of California from where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree with a double-major in philosophy and theatre. Her college experiences on the stage ignited in her a lifelong love affair art. Today she prefers self-expression through a quieter means, trading in her jazz shoes and pancake makeup for brushes and acrylic paints. Framed Shari Beaubien art are easily recognizable for their attractiveness and uniqueness. For subject matter, she doesn’t look any further than what her soul desires. Each canvas allows her to assume the roles of both actor and playwright, bringing to life another piece of her life journey.
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