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Vincent Barzoni Art

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Framed Last Supper
Last Supper
by Vincent Barzoni
27" x 23"
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Born and brought up in New York Vincent Barzoni loved art from a tender age. As long as he can remember, has been at the forefront of the art and design world. In his childhood he could always be seen playing with art materials whenever he had an opportunity to do so. His dream was to become a professional artist and all his effort was directed towards achieving this goal. Those around him also noted his talent and gave him the necessary support he required until he succeeded. The artist is inspired by the love of color and texture and by nature. He has produced many pieces of art, all of which have been admired by many viewers. His patterns and texture are adaptable and lend themselves beautifully to gift and home décor. Barzoni attributed much of his success to family, friends and teachers who helped in molding his skills. He’s become one of the most sought after artists in New York, Connecticut and beyond. He has lived in Connecticut for more than 40 years, and has visited several art museums in this region and has also participated in numerous art shows and art exhibitions where his art has received much acclaim and positive reviews from professional art critics. He has been in the art business for many years and the experience he has gained has provided him with a strong background to tell what his clients need and advise them accordingly. Barzoni is therefore able to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. His work spans a wide range of subjects and finishing options, including framed Vincent Barzoni art.
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