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Gwendolyn Babbit Art

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Gwendolyn Bennett (Born in 1902) was born in Giddings, Texas. She found success as a fiction writer, poet, and journalist with publications like New Negro, The Crisis and Opportunity during the Harlem Renaissance. A visual artist as well, Gwendolyn later was the head of an educational programs for a local community comprising African-Americans. Having also worked in antiques with her second husband, she died on May 30, 1981 in Pennsylvania. Gwendolyn spent part of her childhood on a reservation in Nevada where her parents were educators. Her parents divorced and her mother was awarded custody. But her father kidnapped her. She eventually settled in Brooklyn and attended Girl's High School. With a passion for the creative arts, she attended Columbia University's Teacher College. Here she studied for awhile and then transferred to Pratt Institute. After her graduation in 1924, she joined the faculty at Howard University for a time. She became a well-known figure of the Harlem Renaissance, and her poetry was published in The Crisis magazine by NAACP and in the New Negro by Alaine Locke. Her artwork graces the covers of and Opportunity. Gwendolyn became known for poems like "To Usward," "Heritage," "Fantasy," and "Moon Tonight," she also published the short stories "Tokens" and "Wedding Day" in the mid-1920s. Gwendolyn also wrote "The Ebony Flute" for Opportunity. She was a skilled painter as well - her winter and river landscape works as examples - though many of her pieces of art have been lost or were destroyed by fires. However, framed Gwendolyn Bennett art are very much available. Her art is also available in other finishing options.
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