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Framed Photography Roya Azim Wall Art

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Framed Long Drive
Long Drive
by Roya Azim
35" x 47"
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Roya Azim (Born in 1964) was born in Iran in the rural city of Tehran. She was the daughter of a military general, and in 1979 her family moved to Atlanta's Dobbins Air Force base. In the America, she studied under a broad liberal arts education system. At the college level, she complemented the practical skills of business administration with the humanistic study of art history and literature. Roya excelled in both areas. She loved art from a tender age but was discouraged by family and friends. However, she defied them and art became the central focus of her life. She began working as an apprentice and assistant of Emanuel Babak, an artist who is renowned for sharing her Persian heritage. When she began her training, she only learnt the fundamental artistic techniques, and she spent much of her time in an administrative role. She never felt the satisfaction she needed and her unique and natural talent soon became self-evident, so her title was changed to Artistic Assistant. At the end of the fifth year of working with Babak, she decided to focus on developing her own style. She chose to explore the theme of golf, a sport that represents much of the American customs that fascinate her - such as recreation, wealth, competition nature and masculinity. Golf also provides a source of identification for her, as it displays the same tone as many of her own cultural traditions. Her artwork, especially framed Roya Azim art, can be found in public and private collections all around the US.
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