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Framed Lee Anderson Wall Art

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Framed Wallflower IV
Wallflower IV
by Lee Anderson
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $233.99 
Sale: $116.99
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Lee Anderson is known to create graphic influenced pieces that are a reflection of her love of design. Her art is characterized with warm colors and rich texture and are delivered in a style that consists of pattern repetitions. Just like the wideness in her artistic creations, Anderson’s subjects are equally diverse, although she captures it from her surroundings. She doesn't focus primarily on huge or easily noticeable objects. Instead, she creates artwork that isn’t defined by how big or small her subjects are. Anderson is basically self taught and she's grown artistically due to her curiosity that has seen her explore a variety of techniques while at the same time often daring herself by trying out new things. It's for her curiosity that she sees some of the patterns and shapes that would often be ignored due to their perceived insignificance. Anderson’s continuous experimentation with new ideas and vibrant colors are some of the reasons why her artistic prowess has been growing steadily. She has a home studio from where she creates her art. Unlike many artists who create art using the same technique and materials, Anderson is open to the use of different materials and techniques as long as the end result is an art piece that fully gives her desired outcome. Her works are available in different platforms and can be used to decorate any room, whether it’s home, office interior. At the same time Lee Anderson framed art also form part of the packages that she sells. There are also galleries that sell her finished artwork that customers and collectors can easily just purchase and hang without having to do anything more on it.
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