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Paul Almasy Art

Paul Almasy (Born 1906) was born in Budapest. At the tender age of 17, he left his native home and ended up in Paris after various interludes, among others in Munich and Vienna. Paris was to become his second home and main point of reference for him. Almasy was a self-taught photojournalist and was a pioneer of photojournalism. Paris was like a gateway to the world for Almasy. It was from here that he set out on his numerous world trips on behalf of UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO. For a time, he was a visiting professor and lecturer at the Sorbonne. In 1956 he became French citizen. Almasy took about 120,000 photographs during this time. His collection has been referred to as the “archive of the world.” He has catalogued the photographs by country and then sorted the photographs by category for each country he visited. The categories include everyday life, economy, state, culture, plants and animals. Framed Paul Almasy art and his oeuvre are testimonies of his preference for things foreign and his interest in the fabric of society. He established a comprehensive and detailed picture archive that today constitutes an only one of its kind document of the history of the 20th century. The photographer was not concerned with social class; he photographed not only the powerful men of his time, but also rice farmers in Indonesia, midwives in Africa, and street children in Mexico. He wanted his pictures to inform the viewer, so he made sure the form never outweighed the content. Almasy died in September 2003.
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