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Davey Allan Art

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Framed Lightning
by Davey Allan
22" x 26"
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Davey Allan graduated from Fanshaw in 1993. Since then, his range of work has grown to include commercial photography, digital imaging, and fine art photography. It isn’t easy to categorize the broad range of work that he creates. His eclectic style of photography ranges from a meticulously planned and precisely executed to a loose, complete disregard for rules. Allan’s straight photography can look like painted illustrations and his photo montages can appear devoid of digital intervention. The bulk of his work lands somewhere in between. This style can be found on the cover art of more than one thousand novels - many of them for the best selling authors of the New York Times. Allan originally started out on the path to become a photo journalist. While he was studying photography he was introduced to digital manipulation and Photoshop. From an early age he had enjoyed photography and he has also enjoyed drawing and painting. When he was introduced to digital manipulation and Photoshop he realized he could bring these two worlds together in a way he didn’t previously know was possible. He embraced this technology and has never looked back. Being that he adopted this technology early he got plenty of opportunity and quickly found himself working with many of the top agencies for many of the world’s leading brands. His art is today attracting many collectors, especially the ready to hang framed Davey Allan art. His commercial work has been reproduced in Luerzer’s Archive, PRINT, PDN, Graphis, and Applied Arts. Allan now sits on the advisory committee for the School of Contemporary Media at Fanshaw College.
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