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Framed Country Alan Dyer/Stocktrek Images Wall Art

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Framed Harvest Moon down the road, Gleichen, Alberta, Canada
Harvest Moon down the road, Gleichen, Alberta, Canada
by Alan Dyer/Stocktrek Images
42" x 31" Frame
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Alan Dyer (Born in 1944) was born in Nelson, Lancashire. Dyer attended Whitefield Secondary School and then went for business training with CRS Ltd., a training that took him five years. After completion of the training, he went on to study fine art at Bristol Polytechnic, Burnley School of Art, and the University of Reading. In the early 1970s Dyer studied psychology at the University of Reading and he gained Master of Philosophy for research into the psychology of pictorial & symbolic form and perception. He then proceeded to the University of Birmingham Medical School where he carried out research on visual perception at examining the visual form perception underlying neural mechanisms. Dyer also carried out research to find out what role drawing played in developmental psychology at the medical school. After that he again spent another six months at Barnsley Hall psychiatric hospital, Bromsgrove studying the potential of art as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool. After all these he got a job as a university lecturer and worked for 24 years, teaching courses on the ideology and psychology of art while at the same time continuing to produce and exhibit drawings and paintings. His text-based drawings investigate the connections between visual language and psychological theories and in his paintings he employs free-association techniques. His research on knowledge structures, navigational metaphors and computer-based hypertext systems has been published widely. He left teaching in 1997 to concentrate on painting, writing and research. Currently, he’s the financial director and chairman of Coventry Canal Basin Trust Ltd. Framed Alan Dyer art is a clear testimony of his dedication to his work.
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