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Jacques-lauren Agasse Art

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Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767 - 1849) was born at Geneva. He was an animal and landscape painter. He received his first art instruction in a public art school in Geneva. While still a teenager, he went to study veterinary science in Paris. Agasse wanted to make sure that before devoting his life to art, he had to fully acquaint himself with the knowledge of the anatomy of animals. Over his whole life he carried this initial interest of painting animals. Agasse seems to have subsequently left France and returned to Switzerland. He got his fortune accidentally. While he was still in Switzerland, a rich Englishman’s favorite dog died and he asked Agasse to paint it after it had had died. Agasse did the panting and when he presented it to the Englishman; he was so pleased with Agasse’s work that he decided to take Agasse with him to England, where Agasse became one of the most celebrated animal painters of his time. He was marvelously knowledgeable of anatomy and extremely devoted to art. Agasse became known of his excellence in depicting the English racehorses, and for his special fondness for them. Agasse appears first in 1801 in the Academy catalogues as the exhibitor of the 'Portrait of a Horse', and he continued to exhibit until 1845. He lived poor and died poor in spite of this fame. His art was not for gain or for bread, but he was urged forward by the resistless and natural passion and force. Probably because of his difficult personality, the success that he achieved in England and other areas had diminished by the time of his death in 1849. However, framed Jacques-Laurent Agasse art are in great demand even today.
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