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Coca Cola Framed Art

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7 Items
Framed Coca-Cola Lady in Green Dress
Coca-Cola Lady in Green Dress
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $279.99 
Sale: $139.99
Framed Coca-Cola Model
Coca-Cola Model
23" x 27" Frame
Price: $229.99 
Sale: $114.99
Framed Have a Coke
Have a Coke
32" x 44" Frame
Price: $682.99 
Sale: $341.49
Framed Paradoxe
by Paul Raynal
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $168.99 
Sale: $84.49
Framed Drink Cola
Drink Cola
by Marianne Caroselli
23" x 20" Frame
Price: $204.99 
Sale: $102.49
Framed General Store
General Store
by Kay Lamb Shannon
12" x 10" Frame
Price: $118.99 
Sale: $59.49
Framed Coca-Cola Kid
Coca-Cola Kid
18" x 24" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
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7 Items

Framed Coca Cola Art

Coca-Cola is a fizzy drink drunk by many and an addiction for some. How about the framed Coca-Cola artwork? Well you won’t know until you have set your eyes on this superb collection. As much as we all know how much adults and children love this drink, little did we know there are also some who are using it as a source of inspiration for their art skills.

That’s right, framed Coca-Cola art paintings have suddenly become a source of inspiration for a number of artists who have chosen to base their artwork around the fizzy drink. Each artist has chosen their own way to incorporating the drink into their paintings. Whilst some have gone for the identical bottle print, others have chosen to make some additions with people, signs, and text.
Paintings titled “Coca-Cola Model”, “Coca-Cola Pinup”, and “Paradoxe” are all ever so seductive as they feature a lady amongst the fizzy drink. Not only does this reveal the seducing side, but also shows the thinking behind an artist’s creativity.

Framed Coca-Cola wall art canvases by featuring signs or a realistic0looking bottle of the drink show the artist is trying to get across a similar message, but in a more subtle way. Colour, passion, and exquisiteness can be seen in all paintings, with some being extra colourful and others being not so much.
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Malt Shop IV
by Catherine Jones
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Framed Campari
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Framed Root Beer Float
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Framed Sidecar
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