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Framed Campbell's Soup Art

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Framed Campbell's Soup (Ica)
Campbell's Soup (Ica)
by Andy Warhol
18" x 21" Frame
Price: $194.99 
Sale: $97.49
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Framed Campbell's Soup Artwork

With the snow about to fall, and the air turning cooler by the day, nothing warms the soul like a coup of soup, and what is more iconic than the classic Campbell's with framed Campbell's soup art you can capture that warm feeling in a hanging art piece and remind yourself to slow down, and take a break.

Andy Warhol captured the on the canvas the can that has become a world-renowned symbol “Campbell's Soup” painting is worth its weight in gold, golden soup that is! With a good framed Campbell's soup artwork you are sure to take a trip down memory lane, when your mother made you a nice cup of warm soup after a cold day in the snow.
Finding the right frame to match the iconic classic red label known the world around. When Andy Warhol decided to paint the soup can in all its majesty, he was world-renowned and as a compliment to the brand and the history that the brand has had on the world and the American lifestyle. You can adorn your home with this wall art.

Sold in 120 countries around the world this is as well known as Coca Cola in brand recognition. But it goes much deeper than mere brand recognition, it is woven into the quilt of American, and worldwide conscious memories. Its framed Campbell's soup art that will be universal in its appeal and its style.
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