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Framed The Singing Butler

“Singing Butler” is a fine art masterpiece created by a Scottish artist, Jack Vettriano in 1992, by using the oil on canvas technique. All works of Jack Vettriano are regarded as a magnet for controversy. Interesting thing is that this painting was sold in 2004 for around 744.800 British pounds, and that made it one of the most expensive painting ever sold in Scotland. Although the artist himself didn’t receive any money from the auction, because he sold the painting for 3.500 pounds to a private collector earlier, that didn’t stop him to receive royalties from the prints and posters made with this image that became mass popular after the auction. This framed the Singing Butler art painting is also made in many replicas, beside the posters and postcards, and all those items combined make “Singing Butler” the most popular image in the United Kingdom.
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Framed Singing Butler
Singing Butler
by Jack Vettriano
36" x 26"
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Price: $295.99
Sale: $147.99
Framed Singing Butler, c.1992
Singing Butler, c.1992
by Jack Vettriano
25" x 20"
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Price: $188.99
Sale: $94.49
Framed Singing Butler, c.1992
Singing Butler, c.1992
by Jack Vettriano
52" x 38"
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Price: $661.99
Sale: $330.99
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3 Items

Framed The Singing Butler Prints

The painting depicts a wealthy couple dancing on the sand, while the maid and the butler are standing near them and holding umbrellas. The butler is standing still while the maid is covering her face from the strong wind. The Singing Butler framed art is often criticized by art critics, but is widely accepted and liked by general public and art lovers. The things that were criticized the most were the inconsistent lighting and wind movement, with non-natural body position of dancers. If you want to feel the vibrant energy that this popular image emits, then getting a framed Singing Butler art print is going to be a great decoration choice for your personal home space.
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