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Framed American Gothic Art

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Framed American Gothic, c.1930
American Gothic, c.1930
by Grant Wood
13" x 15" Frame
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Framed American Gothic Artwork

The “American Gothic” is a painting by Grant Wood and it was inspired by the architectural style of an American gothic house. This image was painted in 1930 and is considered one of the most familiar paintings of American art. This image was also the source for many parodies in modern American pop culture. The painter of this fine art masterpiece was known for representing the rural American Midwest through various images. The first idea for creating the American Gothic framed art print was to paint the interesting gothic style house, together with the type of people that probably live in it. The characters on the image are representing a classical American family and they were modeled by the artist’s sister and their dentist.
The painting has a deeper symbolic meaning, representing a man of that time as hardworking, with the pitchfork in his hand, and woman as a domestic keeper of the home, symbolized through the flowers in the background over her shoulder. The framed American Gothic art image was analyzed through time, and much meaning was found in its simple and truthful fine art symbolism. When the painting was made, it was entered into a competition by Wood, and even though it was considered slightly comical, it won the bronze medal. If you want one of the classic American images to decorate your home and bring you the vibrant energy of American life in the past, then getting a framed American Gothic print art image is a great decoration choice for your personal living or leisure space.
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