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Timeless Chic

Timeless chic is a decorating style that will help to add elegance and grace to your household. It is a very inviting style and draws people in while invoking a relaxing state in the home. When you decorate in this style you typically want to paint your walls a warm beige or off white. This allows for you to use a variety of colors and textures within your room that will stand out and pull the look together. Many common patterns that are used in timeless chic decor are antique flowers, spiraling vines and chevron stripes. You want to maintain a state of simplicity and sophistication while still wowing your guests and pulling a room together in this elegant style is sure to do just that.

Timeless Chic Framed Decor


Decorating the bedroom is an important task for many reasons. One of the top ones being that your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is somewhere you can escape the worries of life, and a place where you rest your head after a long day. It is vital that it feel relaxing and comforting to you. Many designers will also suggest that you do not put a television in the bedroom. This helps preserve a calm and peaceful aura in the room and does not interrupt your timeless chic style. With the soft colors and textures of this decorating style, the possibilities for creating your calming bedroom are endless.

Using cool and neutral paint tones in the bedroom can help start to build a platform for timeless chic decor. It is best to stick to warm beige, grey or white tones when painting your walls. This will allow you to use art and frames in a variety of soft colors. Pay close attention to the color of your furniture, carpet or area rugs, bedding and curtains. You will want all those colors to tie into, and accent, the artwork that you select. Some choose to go with classic geometric designs when decorating in the bedroom. Artwork with warm yellow and rustic brown tones would best pair with a gold or brown frame and a neutral colored matte. The darker frame in your lightly colored room will help the art to stand out and be a focal point in the room. You can also use artwork with old antique keys, delicate floral arrangements or buildings in it. You can pair those pieces with a beech wood colored frame, a soft brown wall, and timeless chic is achieved. This look is not only timeless, but also has an old European feel that many enjoy in a delicate bedroom atmosphere.

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Living Room

It is vital that the living room feel inviting to your family and your guests. A timeless chic living room can help create a calming effect and relaxing mood for all who enter it. There are some basic pointers that everyone can embrace to help achieve the trend of timeless chic. As stated previously you really want to focus on neutral and calming colors. Larger frames and patterns will also help create the bold and classic statement you are going for in this important room of the home.

One way to go about creating this effect is to decorate in florals and soft, earth toned colors. Tulips or roses that are embellished in brown and gold coloring are a sure fire way to start off your room. Pair the artwork with a crisp white matte and an accenting, thick frame and you are golden. If your artwork is in the brown and gold coloring hues try painting your wall an off white or light beige to help draw out the colors even more.

Another route you can go is abstract and classic art. Perhaps a watercolor type painting where the brushstrokes swirl into one another in a variety of deep earth tones. Think soft yellow, warm beige, and grey blue. Pair this artwork with an off white matte, a bold black frame, and a soft grey wall to achieve the highest level of class mixed with chic. Whatever direction you decide to go in while creating this effect, just remember to always choose complementing colors and patterns and pay close attention to the details that surround your art in the room. A timeless chic look is dependent on getting the small details right and having just the right amount of balance - adding delicate touches but being mindful of not making it too busy or overwhelming. Focus on a few art pieces and decor items that really speak to you and your sense of style and your timeless chic room is sure to represent you and your sophisticated tastes for years to come.

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