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Bold Bohemian Art

Decorating in a Bohemian style offers you endless possibilities when it comes to colors, patterns and intricate designs. Classic Bohemian styles have often used warm and neutral color palettes to bring a feminine and international flair to home design. While this traditional Bohemian style is still very relevant and popular with many, there is a new look on the Bohemian front that's really turning heads - Bold Bohemian!

Bold Bohemian Style


As you may have guessed, Bold Bohemian shares much of the same feel and design elements as its traditional counter-part but uses bright, bold, breath-taking colors to amp up the energy in your space. If looking to add Bold Bohemian artwork to your existing decor, you might want to start with some brightly colored artwork on the walls. Teal blues and greens, purples and pinks are all colors that will add flair to a room of lighter, neutral colors. In a room of pale pink or beige, for example, adding a large print of bright colors and floral designs gives you a great entryway to adding more color throughout the room. Accent pillows, drapes and rugs that pull from the colors of that one print can be added to from there to create a space that is fun and comfortable for the whole family.

Framed Bold Bohemian Art
Feather Chakra
Joyful Bouquet
La Grace Du Moment
India - Fly TWA
Balance II
Little Jewels VIII
Boho Lady III
Pink Bazaar II
Flower Girl I
Feather Tales VII

All the Way

If you're looking to fully embrace the Bold Bohemian style and redo your space, bright colors from top to bottom is the way to go. Walls can be lighter but still bold shades of green, blue, purple or pink with brighter versions of the same colors used in furniture, wall art and other room accents.

Colorful Bohemian artwork that features flowers, animals and tribal designs from around the world can be found in any array of colors to complete this colorful and creative look, while still keeping a look and feel that is strongly tied to its Bohemian roots.

Bold Bohemian Art Decor

With Other Styles

The colors used to create your Bold Bohemian inspired room are available in many other popular styles from Geometric Lines and Designs, to Modern Pastels and even Kinder Chic as well. Mixing styles with similar color palettes makes it easy to include elements of other styles that you love in one cohesive look that is unique to you. The bolder the better when creating your modern day, Bold Bohemian space.

Bold Bohemian Decor Ideas Video
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