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How to Add a Focal Point

Creating a Focal Point

Over a Mantel

Having a fireplace in the family room is great during the winter time. But what do you do about that empty space above the mantel? Before you make a choice on what style of artwork to include, do your research. Make sure you figure out what finished size framed art you need prior to looking for that perfect piece. Look around the room and take in the colors, the style, and the feel, you want to choose a piece that fits within that realm. For example, adding a large abstract painting can really make your mantel area a focal point in your living room. If you pick a piece that you love but it doesn't flow with the room, you'll regret it later.

Suggested Framed Art
Chrysler Building on Black
Open Arms Gold
Eiffel Tower Sunset
She Is Music
The Kiss, c.1908
Beach in Maui, Hawaii, at sunset
Architecture 6
Neutral Grouping 1
El Vendedor de Alcatraces
Blue Morning Glories
Hydrangea Elegance

To a Bedroom

If the only thing people notice when they enter your bedroom is a bed and a dresser, you might want to look for a piece of art to add a focal point to your bedroom. In most bedrooms, the space above the bed or above the dressers is empty. Choosing one of these locations is a great way to frame in the area while adding color and style. To start, determine the size picture based on your decor and room. If you have a lot of open space, don't choose a small picture unless you are doing a series of them along the wall - A twelve by twelve inch picture on a fourteen foot wall isn't going to get their attention. Make sure you choose your art accordingly!

Focal Point in an Entryway

In an Entryway

Have you ever thought about the first thing guests notice when they enter your home? Take a step outside and come back in and take notice of the first place your eyes are drawn to. Think about the way you want your guest to feel when they enter your home and determine what you want the first thing they see to be. This is your "focal point." Using art as a focal point in a hallway or foyer is a great way to set the tone, style and mood for new guests. No matter what style or color you select, make sure it's inviting! In terms of size, you want something that fills the space but doesn't overwhelm it. Make sure that there's room to either side of your art but not so much that it gets lost on the wall.

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