Tree Art and the Health Benefits of Green

Tree art is a timeless, classic choice for wall decor in any space, as and for good reason. People have been attracted to tree art as long as there have been trees… so, since forever. The random and organic yet familiar pattern of tree branches reminds us of life and growth. Rooms decorated with tree art have a certain vitality that invigorates anyone who walks in.

But there’s another reason that people love the look and feel of trees, and it’s a reason that not everyone is even aware of. Tree art has a secret to its success, and whether it likes it or not, we’re telling!

Tree Art

Why We Love Tree Art

Both artists and viewers love the image of the tree. But beyond the obvious, what is it exactly that makes humans gravitate so strongly toward tree art? Arguably, one reason is because of all of the many vital things trees provide for us.

Think about it. Trees provide food, so the depiction of a tree in your kitchen reminds you of fresh abundance. In addition to sustenance, trees provide shelter, so decorating an entryway with tree art provides a feeling of safety. The image of the trees is also a common source of beauty, so proudly displaying it on your living room wall is a perfect, aesthetic choice.

Trees also clean our air, provide us with valuable materials, simulate our imagination, and stand as a symbol that reminds us of growth, gravity, and enlightenment. Whatever message you want to convey through the art on the walls of your home, you can likely do it with a well-placed tree.

Tree Art


The Power of the Color Green

The rich history and ripe resources of the tree aren’t the only thing it has going for it. Trees also have a secret weapon: the color green.

Very Well recognizes that the color green has a number of valuable properties. Color psychology is a field that is popular and growing. Scientists are always discovering more ways that color actually works to evoke certain physical, mental, and emotional reactions in humans.

Here are some of the surprising properties of the color green:

Green has a calming effect. You may have heard that special guests on television shows wait in a “green room” before coming on to the stage. This is because the color green is known to help people relax.

The color green may also help to heal physical ailments. Studies have shown that people who work in an environment surrounded by the color green experience fewer stomachaches!

Author Paul Brunton once said, “Green, which is Nature’s color, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving.” Decorating with tree art, especially green trees, really has great advantages.

Tree Art

Going Beyond Green

We know that green trees are a powerful decorating tool, but don’t be afraid to go beyond green. The vibrant colors of autumn trees are equally powerful.

Feel free to play around with trees as a theme, rather than exclusively a color scheme. Trees, flowers, and other things that grow can be mixed to create a beautiful, vibrant space in any part of your home.

Framed art to accentuates the tree images you choose to display and elevates each piece, preserving its condition. The rigid frame also provides a magnificent contrast to the winding, branching components of the tree itself. In other words, put trees prints and picture frames together, and you have the perfect artpiece for your home.

Tree Art