NASA Space Art is Out of this World!

There’s nothing like the view from space to give you a fresh perspective. Art straight from NASA projects mind-boggling views of stars, planets and galaxies like you have never seen them before. Take a look at a few of our favorites, and imagine where framed space art from NASA could take you!

NASA art

Abstract Art By, The Universe

The Hubble Space Telescope captures the most dynamic images in the universe. But is this what space really looks like? Well, answers NASA, yes and no. Astronomers add color to the dazzling photos taken by the telescope by patching multiple photos together. Since the telescope doesn’t use color film (or film at all, actually), it takes photos a lot like a digital camera does. It uses a charge-coupled device (CCD) to capture the photons of light headed in the direction of the telescope.

The Hubble cameras do not measure the color of the incoming light, but the telescope has filters that can be applied to let on only specific colors or wavelengths of light. The lense can even detect light that is invisible to the human eyes (both ultraviolet and infrared light).

When astronomers at the observatory take photos of the same object through different filters, they create the jaw-dropping photos we often see released to the public (like the one below). The end result is close to the colors that people would see with their own eyes if they viewed the image from a distant spacecraft, but they are admittedly enhanced. We don’t mind, NASA!

NASA art

NASA Art Gets Dark!

We established that all of NASA’s telescope art is altered, but this next one is a little more “artistic” than the rest. NASA released an Artist’s Concept of a Giant Black Hole in the Center of an Ultracompact Galaxy, and it’s a stunner. Black holes are one of the great mysteries of the universe, and a framed art of a conceptual depiction of one is sure to start some interesting conversations!

NASA art

Jupiter, Taking Space By Storm

One unique framed art piece available is a Hubble Composite Image of Jupiter’s Storms. Jupiter is known for it’s Great Red Spot, a high-pressure region of its atmosphere. This region is home to the galaxy’s most epic storm, which has lasted for at least 340 years! The storm is large enough to be seen by Earth’s telescopes, and it may continue swirling for decades to come.

NASA art


The art released to us from NASA’s space telescopes is like nothing else in the world. Take a look at’s entire collection of space art! You’ll be amazed by the variety of jaw-dropping images we have from the far reaches of the galaxy. Every color and shape is represented by NASA’s space art. And like all works of art, these, too, tell their own unique story!