What is Grandmillennial Design and How to Incorporate it into Your Home

Grandmillennial design has seen a recent surge but is by no means a new trend. Sometimes called granny chic, this style of decorating your home mixes antique and vintage pieces with modern accents. Blending modern and contemporary styles creates a unique, comfortable, as well as relaxing environment in your home.

There are a variety of ways to tap into this nostalgic and fresh design. Selecting vintage furniture, combining neutral and pastel color schemes, incorporating fabrics with bold patterns that mirror the color scheme of the room are just a few suggestions for those looking to style their home granny chic.  

An easy way to bring grandmillennial design into your home is to add framed art into different rooms. 

How to Incorporate the Grandmillennial Design into your Kitchen

There are common themes in grandmillennial design that make the kitchen an ideal place to incorporate this style into homes. 

Very popular in grandmillennial wall art are depictions of fruit, fruit trees, or baked goods topped with fruit. By adding framed art pieces that depict fruit, you will tap into a timeless way to achieve some grandmillennial flare in your kitchen while also adding a pop of color. One of our favorite pieces is L’Orange which depicts a single, juicy orange on a cracked cream background. 

Also popular in granny chic design is adding vintage plates, silverware, teacups, as well as teapots as design accents. While it is common to see these items used to style buffets as well as curio cabinets, adding framed wall art to your kitchen that depicts these images are equally elegant as well as impactful.  

Grandmillenial framed wall art

L’Orange by Silvia Vassileva

Bring Natural Elements into Your Design Scheme

Pastels and neutrals are common elements found in granny chic design. Antique-inspired depictions of flowers and floral arrangements are among our favorite ways to bring the natural elements of the outdoors into your home. Adding these accents to your home is incredibly easy and will help you quickly attain the look as well as the feel of grandmillennial design. Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate this design into different rooms in your home:

  • In the living room opt for these dramatic white and blue hydrangeas above an oversized sofa. 
  • If you’re looking to add some grandmillennial style to your bedroom these assorted blossoms are delicate and whimsical. 
  • Add a touch of grandmillennial design to your bathroom. We love this framed print of anemones creatively arranged in a hatbox.

    Grandmillenial framed wall art

    Anemones in Hatbox Shiplap by Danhui Nai

Blue and White Forever

A staple of grandmillennial styling is repurposing vintage items into beautiful home decor accents. One popular way to achieve this look is to add Blue Willow plates, vases, as well as other pottery to decorate bookshelves and accent tables. 

If you are looking for a way to incorporate this style into your home but lack the space or tolerance for clutter to do so, framed wall art could be the answer! Take a look at this collection of Chinoiserie prints. Each print features a different shape and size vase. We especially love this vase that has been turned into a pot for a lemon tree print! 

There are other ways to accent your home with blue and white framed prints without choosing to decorate with china patterns. Other popular vintage items include antique drawings like this blueprint of an antique chair

Attaining a grandmillennial style in your home is about incorporating elements of vintage design amongst your existing pieces. With the natural elements as well as soothing hues, style is a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy life! Incorporating granny chic into your home will bring a timeless as well as a tranquil vibe to your entire home. 

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