Art in A Modern Space – Effectively Decorating with Traditional Art

What kind of art can you hang in your home or office? The answer to this question, naturally, depends on your taste and your goals for decor. One thing many wonder about is how to add art to a modern space. Whether your modern space is designed by a cool neutral color palette or the latest modern architecture, it’s still possible to find aesthetic framed art without falling back on abstract sculpture.

Framed traditional artwork isn’t just one style. It includes every palette of colors and moods. You can hang painted illustrations on a clean canvas background or detailed cafe vistas. Postoral vista, gardens, and forest artwork can create a window into another place hanging on your wall, while traditional portraits and still-life paintings can reflect the themes in a trendy space. 

Minimalist Design and Framed Still Life Art

The leading theme in modern design is a sense of minimalism. Open spaces and shining surfaces are the signatures of the modern style. From furniture that optimizes walking space to mixed metal and gleaming stone, modern design tends to highlight a clean look. The best way to hang traditional art in a minimalist design is still life artwork.

Still life art shows a single item in beautiful, vivid detail on a solid background – often clean canvas beige or paperwhite. Still life art hung in a modern space visually pops from the wall while somehow enhancing the minimalist clarity of the rest of the room. 

Still Life Wall Art

Bouquet by Allison Pearce

Bringing Your Palette to Life with Color Pieces

Always choose artwork that reflects your room’s color palette. In a busy room, reflect the entire palette with detailed artwork. In a minimalist room, choose still art and statement pieces that reflect your accent colors and spotlight the color themes in an otherwise subtle room. Traditional art is a beautiful way to enhance a room’s design themes without taking over the visual focus.

Warming a Space with English Cottage Prints

Modern spaces often tend to feel colder than more traditional architecture. A modern kitchen may be elegant with all-metal surfaces and a cool stone countertop. Bring that warmth back into modern living spaces with English Cottage artwork. The cottage style of traditional art features both beautiful paintings of cottages in breathtaking vistas and the cozy depiction of indoor cottage life. 

Create a window into a warmer past when cozy fireplaces were always burning and cluttered countertops were an adorable family tradition. Keep those traditions alive and the feeling of a warm cottage space while enjoying the sleek efficient style of a modern space.

Cottage Garden in Full Bloom by Nicky Boehme

Cottage Garden in Full Bloom by Nicky Boehme

Creating a Window to Somewhere Timeless and Beautiful

Some modern design spaces were meant to be a backdrop for other experiences. A modern conference room is a backdrop for the presentations and meetings within. A modern living room is a backdrop for the family life that will pass through. Your artwork can reflect this as well by creating isolated windows into beautiful new places. Turn each clean modern wall into a portal somewhere timeless and breathtaking.

You can look into a shady traditional garden or the enticing walk into a cobblestone cafe. Rainy streets have always inspired wandering thoughts while paintings of historic forests invite us down the wilderness path. Many prefer beautiful artwork of cottages and estates over rolling hills and reflected in lakeside. Each offers a unique escape through a painted window somewhere older and more beautiful than any skyscraper or modern home.

Harbor Roses by Susan Rios

Harbor Roses by Susan Rios

From Your Washroom to a Traditional French Bath

You can also choose a cute way to decorate a modern washroom. The French Bath trend is a whimsical depiction of traditional yet luxurious French bathrooms. Claw-foot tubs and wire towel racks framed by stucco windows that look out over the French countryside. It’s an aesthetic irony to hang paintings of traditional baths next to your glass and tile shower and sleek modern bathroom design.

Le Bain Hydrangea by Mindy Sommers

Remembering Opulence with Romantic Victorian Artwork

We can also create a classic reminiscence of the opulence our ancestors used to display. Romantic Victorian work brings all the wealth, brocade, and desire for overflowing bounty that we have overcome with modern design. Above the dining table, hang a romantic Victorian print of a table covered in a heavy embroidery overflowing with a feast or jewels. In a clean and brightly lit entryway, remind your guests of our opulent past with a Victorian piece featuring flowers spilling from their bowl. We no longer need this overflow of wealth to feel wealthy, but it’s a beautiful piece of memory that still honors our spaces and homes.

Carnations in a Victorian Vase by Christopher Pierce

Carnations in a Victorian Vase by Christopher Pierce

Whether you are decorating an office, a venue, or your own home – any modern space can be made more beautiful with traditional artwork. Framed art used just the right way can make your accent colors pop and even enhance the clean beauty of your modern design. You can warm up a cold room or add a touch of opulence to stylish minimalism. You can bring to life your favorite colors and themes or create a window to take viewers somewhere distant and timeless. For more on finding the perfect framed artwork for your space, contact us today