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Tinkerbell Framed Art

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Pixies Rock
by Walt Disney
36" x 28" Frame
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Framed Tinkerbell Prints

Oh Tinkerbell, that classic fairy created by the wonderful mind of James M. Barrie and the timeless Peter Pan. Over the years Tinkerbell has blossomed and grew both in fiction and in print, with a framed Tinkerbell art piece you can immortalize her forever and even pass that art down for generations to come, as sure as the fictional work will be.

Be is sassy, by Walt Disney in “Straight Up Sassy” or “Kiss My Wings” you are sure to make a splash with this framed Tinkerbell artwork. This will be a welcome addition to any little girls room but don't limit yourself there, there are wonderful and sophisticated pieces for the older crowd in such pieces as “Tinker Bell Silhouette” and “Pixies Rock”.
As with any classic Disney film you can add a touch of class with a framed Tinkerbell art piece with “Peter Pan Book by James M Barrie” the original work that has spawned the wonderful art explosion. Or in “Peter Pan it will live in your heart forever.”

Whether you are young or old, boy or girl, you can appreciate the work and love that went into these fine pieces of art and finding the perfect framed piece is as easy as choosing one to meet the decor, finding that common thread and enter-twining it throughout the whole room. Tinkerbell is a classic character with timeless appeal; she has inspired generations with her wit and charm, and faithful devotion.
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